#1 Moxxor most expensive supplement in MLM?

We recieved information, that Moxxor can be overpriced.  But we will leave to try value for readers.

Can food (Omega-3 oil) bring more value, if it cost 6100-7400 $/kg (or more if you live outside US)?
Actualy we don’t know other company, which went into $/1mg  for food  category.
Please write to        Customercare {et} Zaidimai.com       to get calculations in spreadsheet.
You will get very close proportions of nutrients calculated.

Our Targets

# To create a place for people working inside MLM (multi level marketing industry employees, contractors, IBO’s) anonymously spread unethic things, if company fails to react on it;

# To alert issue, person, but not whole company. People who work, makes mistakes, but they should react, solve, learn;

# To rise discussions between companies;

# To find more ethic people willing to find ethical MLM companies and support MLM idea.

We start with few companies at the moment. And mostly here will be MOXXOR. MOXXOR had good start, recieved big support,  but some things we know and will get to know  is worr

Have you ever found unethic things in MLM?
Yes, but long time ago
No. I will check from now.

<a href=”http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/1841976/&#8221; mce_href=”http://answers.polldaddy.com/poll/1841976/”>View This Poll</a><br/><span style=”font-size:10px;” mce_style=”font-size:10px;”><a href=”http://www.polldaddy.com”>poll</a></span&gt; ying us.  We believe MLM Audit page will help not only to Moxxor.  People are confused and stop to produce. So Let’s improve.We are waiting your unethic news. We are waiting ethic employees, IBO’s, contractors for other ideas, comments, info. Info will be kept anonymously. Information can be removed.  If we feel your info improves us, we will advertise you in Ethic Hall.

Private MLM Audit team

Jurij P.


9 Responses

  1. Sorry to disillusion Moxxor believers but the oil is a scam.

    The Green Lipped Mussel oil component has 52% Oleic acid component and 12% Lanoleic acid. If you extract mussel oil from mussels this scenario is impossible. Either there is a filler or they are using the spent powder of a previous extraction.

    You CANNOT get 52% Oleic acid from a standard extraction. Period.

    I have challenged Moxxor heads, including Mike Adams, to explain, there has not been one answer. The very valuable DHA and EPA from the mussel are there at 20% of the quantity they should be. Something is seriously wrong with the extraction as they cannot be using standard mussel powder, so what are they using and or what are they adding.

    Joe Cave

  2. While we waiting at last to comment from Moxxor, anybody to confirm this message?

  3. Re above post, Lanoleic acid should read Linoleic acid. The complete mussel oil profile of Moxxor is available from the link below.


    All our own extractions have had less than 2% Oleic, and 15% -19% DHA and around 23 -25% EPA, mostly in the very bio-available phospholipid form.

    Joe Cave

  4. Who is Jo Cave,and what are his qualifications to address this subject?I do not use the product but looking into it,to see if valid.I have been in multi levil business before and this bothers me,that if this is such a great product,it ought to be available to general public.

  5. Hi Pat

    I am a partner in a nutraceutical plant and and have been making bulk mussel oil for several years.

    I do not have personal issues against Moxxor or the Turners. They can become billionaires and I couldn’t care less. The problem I do have is that company, Moxxor, is making a mussel oil that is then diluted by adding four parts of a filler, almost certainly Olive Oil, and not declaring such a dilution..That act is undeniably wrong and deceiving its MLM customers, and bringing other mussel oil manufacturers into disrepute. I have challenged Moxxor to respond, and given all the evidence that supports my assertion and they have steadfastly refused to rebut my allegations.

    The evidence that adulteration has occurred comes from Moxxors own figures and comparing those figures with analysis from Universities. The case is open and shut, and as I said on another blog site, a 15 year old chemistry student could extract a mussel oil with five times the valuable Omega 3 than Moxxor’s mussel oil component , and it would take less than a day. Their declared DHA and EPA total 7.7% and yet Moxxor says

    Concentrations of DHA and EPA will reach levels of 60% and 70% respectively compared to about 10% and 5% in natural fish oil.

    Apart from the fact that this scenario is impossible, the above statement is completely at odds with the actual DHA and EPA that is recovered by Moxxors super high tech piece of bullswool.

    It is a simple fact that mussel oil yields around 40% Omega 3 oils, and yet from Moxxors own figures they get 8%-9%. AND 26 times the normal Oleic acid. Please, just look at the science

    There is no barrier to you becoming involved with Moxxor and if you do so I wish you luck.



  6. Clearly stated, Joe.

  7. Hi. I’ve looked at the Moxxor corporate site and cannot find the quote that you are referring to. You say the following:

    Moxxor says

    Concentrations of DHA and EPA will reach levels of 60% and 70% respectively compared to about 10% and 5% in natural fish oil.

    I have not been able to find that on the corporate site anywhere. Are you sure about your information?

    Also, the formula has changed and only includes green lipped mussel extract and grapeseed husk extract.

    What does that mean for your calculations? Does that change your ideas about the Moxxor formula?

    Please advise.


  8. Hi Thomas
    Its been a while since I have bothered about Moxxor. Re the quote, you can’t have tried very hard to find it. Try http://www.moxxjapan.com/FAQ.html. After seeing how the company diluted their mussel oil so dishonestly I can’t really believe much they say.
    I believe the Turners Brothers (aka Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum) are involved in an acrimonious divorce. Doesn’t suprise me.
    Joe Cave

  9. I work for MOXXOR, and I am a student of Nutritional Science on my way to obtain a bachelors degree. I believe some of the stuff youre saying Joe, but a lot of the stuff you say is either innacurate, over the top, or to be honest, sounds like youre a rep from another lipid oil company. I hate the fact that we are a multi level marketing company, bt you are denying the fact that oil derived from a mollusk (Green lipped mussel) has a wider spectrum of all 18 Omega 3 fatty acids. Challenge me, and I wont ignore you. I will come back with an answer to any question you have.

    Anonymous MOXXOR office worker

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